Why they label you a Modi Bhakt

In the Media, both Social and Mainstream, there has been much rancour and debate on the terms “Internet Hindu” and “Modi Bhakt”. Both terms are used derogatorily and have implied connotations that some think should fit in their imagery of what exactly constitutes an “Internet Hindu” or a “Modi Bhakt”. Towards that it is creditable, they have come up with a number of articles even in Mainstream publications like the Times of India trying to detail what is a Modi Bhakt. While they have attempted to profile, or rather caricature what a Modi Bhakt resembles (usually the silly imagery concocts itself around a Cow belt type, Hindi speaking, Trishul wielding, Tilak sporting, frothing at mouth, sexually frustrated, brainless retard ready to prostrate himself at Modi’s feet whatever he does or says), it will be an absolute waste of time proving the imagery above as shallow and devoid of any logic. It is of some interest though, to know what is the profile of those who come up with such concocted imagery, despite the fact that PM Modi commands a massive 330 plus seats in the lower house and has a massive groundswell of mass public support for his developmental initiatives.

It is thus logical to assume, this is a small but well entrenched, elite minority completely at odds with Modis mass support base. And the fundamental reason is they lack a similar support base themselves and in recent times a political backing that has a support base that Modi today garners over the country. There is a feeling of inferiority of not having a mass support base that appreciates their English, the largesse that they may throw every 5 yearly mandatory trip to rural constituencies, their foreign trips, their knowledge about Louis Vuitton bags, their concern about how ugly Indian males look at foreign airports and so on. Whatever happened to that humble guy with wide eyes who deferentially said “Yeh England Return Hain”?

So there is a profile for these non imaginative label throwers that is emerging:

1. Unimaginative and prone to sympathising with Leftist rhetoric.

2. Elite and in High positions for reasons other than imaginative or analytical skillsets

3. A very open deferential inferiority displayed towards Native English Speaking cultures in US/UK particularly

4. Dropping terms that Hindu types should (but now don’t) feel ashamed not knowing eg Louis Vuitton stuff.

5. Sadness at Hindi speaking BJP types not understanding inherent inferiority of Native language for picking up women

All the above was expressed in the many apologies issued by this elite to not just the White English Speaking world but also particularly the Islamic world, how sorry for the real India they were, that a crass village Hindi speaking Modi was elected so overwhelmingly. This Header and Editorial after Modi’s historic win on May 17th 2014 in the Indian Express said it all:

sry we tried libtard

Over 60 years of left and ultra left kind Nehruvian Socialism, there grew a large body of Indians that started losing interest in politics. They incorrectly and maliciously labelled Nehru’s Socialist led GDP growth of 1% over decades as a “Hindu Rate of Growth”. Cinema, Institutions, Parties and Politicians instead of fighting poverty romanticized it so people learnt to bear the pain and not question the entire failed Nehruvian developmental model. So there grew an elite that got to the top not so much through hard work, logical and analytical skills but because their so and so was a DD Director or a famous cricketer or was a batchmate at Doon or Stephens and so on. This club was cosy as long as they didn’t disturb the Nehruvian model and his Dynastic clans in power. That is where Modi came in seeking a mandate on Development and “Congress Mukht Bharat”. That shook this cosy elite pretty much like an earthquake 9 on the Richter.

Social Media was meanwhile being harsh on these kind of elitists. Their lack of basic intellect and analytical skills were a subject of wide ridicule on Social Media. It surely hurts when an English speaking, Doon/ Stephens types is called by a KV kinds on intellect and analytical skills. The largely HIndu male, KV educated, accented Hindi speaking types ridiculing those that called them Ugly or dropped terms like Louis Vuitton for a Vimal shawl surely hurt a lot.

Fortunately for them some Bollywood left kind Icons were making popular cinema that called for revolution against politicians. An Anti-Corruption movement confirmed the desire that people wanted a clean Governance. Yet while it was the job of the Media elite to educate people that Corruption is an “effect” of Nehruvian and Dynastic socialism unleashed on India by the INC and not ” the root” cause of much of our hardships, it encouraged a party with no credentials that held the same Nehruvian ultra left socialist principles that engendered corruption in the first place as it’s manifesto. AAP got a large following amongst youth that had been taken in once again by slogans. They were thrust imagery that Arab Spring was a great awakening happening in Islamic states and that was just what India needed. Only problem was Modi and his supporters laughed at this joke. Thus what one may call a Nehruvian-Ultra Left United Socialist front opposed to Modi particularly and his supporters in the social media started appearing.

In the near future too one must expect nothing but half truths, twists, turns, deception, lies, selective outrage to be their hallmark. They will lose this battle. Many are determined of their own time and energies to battle it out on SM or beyond. The hit jobs in this elite media have hit a pinnacle of deceit and untruth, but the wave of voices against #Presstitutes has just started. Timesnow may have worked hours after maliciously twisting a Gen VK Singh tweet to try trending “#VKDisaster”, instead within minutes “#TimesNowDisaster” was a world wide trend. And here i maintain while MSM might be at it’s hit job peak, the ‘Bhakt’ wave is nowhere at its peak.

The understanding of competing value and ideological systems the average “Modi Bhakt” understands much better than the average cosy club elite that mocks him. This is apparent on SM. That is the reason why some of India’s present top MSM elite would not like to be on SM. They cannot compete on rational and analytical skills. That is why they will conduct hit jobs and when faced with isolated verbal fury will play the victim. While there is a long list of abusive tweets from the ‘elite’ and  so called ‘anti corruption camp’, it is the selective singling out/ mocking of Modi supporters that is covered in the MSM. They forget their Amaresh Mishras and their own tweets of a few months old. Deceit, lies will go only so far, it wages a losing battle against those with rational and better analytical abilities.

5 thoughts on “Why they label you a Modi Bhakt

  1. Beautifully put. I am an educated Hindu male who is at odds with some of Modis decisions and at the same time, by virtue of my own experiences, understand the challenges that he faces and the basic credo that quick, effective decisions may not always round off to a sixer (in cricket parlance) but they do matter and the single’s add up. So to speak. My contempt for the likes of Javed Anand (and other bigots who disguise their Islamist leanings under fake atheist claims/clothing) and the likes of the Aiyars and Tiwaris of INC fame is vis a vis their hypocrisy and open corruption. These people came to power via corruption and nepotism. Don’t have the first idea about meritocracy or effort. And loathe the Hindu right and by extension those that support them, i.e. educated Hindu males for having the temerity to look through their shallow, pretentious claims to fame and in fact vote for those with actual efforts to their credit. The fake secularism espoused by these dynasty bigots and their supporters is also very obvious to those of us who have seen these events unfolding. Hindus and Sikhs get killed by the droves in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh – no tears shed. Hindus who go to pray at a temple that was razed by a Muslim bigot and is now reclaimed even partly, deserve to die and be burnt to death. Riots thereafter, all the fault of Hindus. In fact, Hindus are worse than vermin in this mindset, they deserve to die, be molested, be slaves and their fellow Hindus are brainwashed to think that all this is not happening, and even if it does, its somebody else’s problem, those people were “communal” or provoked the poor minorities into slaughtering them. This sort of non stop bigotry is what has made many of us educated Hindus into aware individuals who no longer put up with rubbish from these corrupt dynasty bootlickers who label those more self aware then themselves as bhakts and internet hindus. Truly the left warps one’s mind, especially when there was little to begin with ergo few of these jokers even get into the sciences or engineering or medicine. General gasbazi professions are what they revel in.

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