A Special Diwali Message from Vicharprachar

A Special Diwali Message from Vichar Prachar

Dear Reader,

Wish you, your family and loved ones a Happy Diwali.

Diwali is the festival of lights and Bharat is a state of mind among people which spreads light, dispels darkness. An illumined mind is the abode of Maa Lakshmi. An illumined mind is the highest treasure for all humanity and I wish that we all attain higher states of illumination this Diwali. Bharat Varsha happens spontaneously when a people group with illuminated minds. May the light spread and may the Bharat-varsha state of mind spread globally. That is India’s unique destiny and it needs to make a start from its homeland first.

Spreading light also means actively dispelling darkness and protecting the source of illumination – your conscience and the path to your Atman. It is everyone’s Dharma to remove darkness from themselves and others. We need to battle demonic designs on humanity, on our planet & its innocent, fragile eco-system and on the re-establishment of Dharma.

Yet, Dharma followers are caught in a trap of inaction. They hesitate and restrict themselves even when they see acts of brazen outrage by the forces of adharma. Mahatma Gandhi and Buddha’s messages of non-violence and the middle path come in, creating a confused conflict within our minds. This conflict causes inaction in situations which the forces of adharma exploit relentlessly and ruthlessly. It is a weakness that has been patched on the Dharmic frame so that Dharma can be weakened. India has allowed it to happen to itself for nearly 1200 years. It needs to come out of it – that will be our real
liberation and moment of getting illumined. In this context, it is worthwhile to quote what Osho says. I reproduce it below:

“We would not have been so impotent if our country had understood Krishna rightly. But we have covered our ugliness with beautiful words. Our cowardice is hiding behind our talk of non-violence; our fear of death is disguised by our opposition to war. But war is not going to end because we refuse to go to
war. Our refusal becomes an invitation to others to wage war on us. War will not disappear because we refuse to fight; our refusal will only result in our slavery. And this is what has actually happened.

It is so ironic that, despite our opposition to war, we have been dragged into war again and again. First we refused to fight, then some external power attacked and occupied our country and made us into slaves, and then we were made to join our masters’ armies and fight in our masters’ wars. Wars were
continuously waged, and we were continuously dragged into them. Sometimes we fought as soldiers of the Huns, then as soldiers to the Turks and Mughals and finally as soldiers for the British. Instead of fighting for for our own life and liberty we fought for the sake of our alien rulers and oppressors. We really fought for the sake of our slavery; we fought to prolong our enslavement. We spilled our blood and gave our lives only to defend our bondage, to continue to live in servitude.

This has been the painful consequence of all our opposition to violence and war.”

Spreading real Liberty and Light starts with us being illuminated by the right knowledge.

Once again, Happy Diwali – and make a change by understanding Krishna better to establish Ram Rajya and Bharat Varsha.


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